Coverage Enhancements
TRBOVOICE Coverage Enhancements from Goosetown Communications

WAVE 3000 Wide Area TrboVoice

TRBOVoice Anywhere (TVA)

TVA delivers instant and secure broadband push-to-talk (PTT) communications for subscribers on the TRBOVoice Network. Whether you’re communicating with TRBOVoice radio users or with other smartphone users, TRBOVoice Anywhere makes it simple and affordable.

TRBOVoice Anywhere is a smart, simple and affordable way to extend the reach of your TRBOVoice network. Additionally we can offer standalone broadband PTT solutions where radios and networks are not required.

Features and Benefits

Greater Reach

For the business owner who is traveling, or the manager who is working from home, TRBOVoice Anywhere delivers the two-way radio experience over any broadband IP network: Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G cellular and it is totally network agnostic. You can communicate with your workers, no matter which carrier network they are on, from wherever you are.

More Choice

For the office executive, TRBOVoice Anywhere  gives you the opportunity to integrate all communications onto a single device.

WAVE 5000 Wide Area TrboVoice


Extend Reach. Enhance Choice. Collaborate Like Never Before.

Enhanced TVA+ enables full interoperability between different radio systems and extends the reach of these systems, using any combination of broadband networks and devices. This solution allows us to integrate not only TRBOVoice subscribers but other radio networks as well.

Features and Benefits

With Enhanced TRBOVoice Anywhere+ you can experience game-changing functionality that lets you build and operate secure, highly-scalable solutions for today’s most demanding communications environments all at a fraction of the costs associated with owning your own broadband PTT network:

  • Extend Radio to Broadband
  • Extend workforce communications beyond radio to include modern devices and broadband networks for seamless communications in any location.
  • Deploy Broadband PTT
  • Secure, ‘over-the-top’ PTT connecting smart devices over 3/4G LTE and WiFi networks delivers greater choice and flexibility when choosing a non-radio, carrier-independent communications solution.
  • Connect Radio to Radio
  • Connect multiple, disparate two-way radio systems and remove barriers to communication interoperability and workforce collaboration.