Before you go out to bid

Before you go to bid

Todd: The customer has an aging radio system, and the typical method is to go out and write a bid and go out and get three prices from three different vendors. Why might they want to contact us first to talk about managed services and have us maybe run up a design analysis first?

Dave: Managed services is a is a unique way for municipalities and businesses to procure the technology they need today with a guarantee that it’s going to work. We’ll custom write the SLA the service level agreement to address all the issues whether it’s portable in building coverage portable on the street coverage you name it we will write a service agreement that makes sure your needs are met. Never have we had a managed service customer return the equipment because it didn’t do what we said it was going to do. Time and time again we’ve seen municipalities go out to bid, hire consultants, go through this whole rigmarole to procure a system and they spend so much money on things that the people they’re spending the money with sometimes don’t even know what they’re doing.

Todd: Right and on the upfront cost there’s one price and then if the consultant or somebody else forgot something then there’s additional prices.

Dave: It’s change order city and we’ve seen this a lot especially in our municipalities as their technology has aged out, they hire a consultant. The consultants from the middle of nowhere. They come in its boilerplate we’ve shown customers how their bid spec was the same as a bid spec from Iowa. Well Iowa has much different coverage characteristics than Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey.

Dave: I think it’s a disservice when the customer doesn’t know and we see the consultants kind of taking advantage of that and that’s not right. Our core value number one do the right thing so many times we’ve seen the consultants just not doing the right thing it’s not it’s not any disrespect to the good consultants but there’s a lot of bad consultants out there that are taking advantage of these municipalities that simply don’t know and what managed services does says right there you’re not going to pay us unless our system does what it says it’s going to do.

Todd: You don’t pay until we turn it on.

Dave: You don’t pay until we turn it on until you’ve had system acceptance. You’re not going to get a bill and more importantly since you don’t own the equipment if we don’t do what we say we’re going to do you’re not going to pay us and that’s okay we don’t want your money unless the system works it’s that simple.

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