You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

Lead your fleet into the future with the Geotab GO9. – featuring a powerful 32-bit processor, more memory, more RAM, and a gyroscope. The redesigned GO9 will help you improve compliance, fleet management, productivity, and safety. Once installed in your vehicle you can tap into and experience the power of your GEOTAB GO9 powered by Goosetown Communications.

  • Generate DVIR & IFTA reports
  • Track hours of service
  • Monitor turn by turn moves
  • Track aggressive driving
  • Monitor seatbelt & idling usage
  • Plus, so much more!
Geotab Diagram

Compliance Management

Fleet Management

Productivity Management

Safety Management

Datasets and 1000’s of Reports!

Download Reports
Powerful Hierarchies
and Rollups
Write Your Own Custom Reports Using MS Excel
Dashboards Based on
Excel Graphs
Geotab Charts

Audit Log
Congregation Report
Customer Stop Graph
Customer Visits Detail
Customer Visit Summary
Device Install History
Device Report
Engine Fault

Engine Status
Engine Summary
Event History
Exceptions Detail
Exception Summary
Exception Summary Graph
Fleet Summary Graph
Fuel Tax
Fuel Usage
Groups List

HOS Violation
Notification List
Reminder Report
Risk Management
Route Comparison Detail
Route Directions
Route Summary
Text Message
Time Card
Time Performance

Trip Density Summary Graph
Trips Detail
Trips Idling Summary Graph
Trip Summary
Unassigned Route
User List
Value Performance
Zone List

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Real-time location tracking

Active Tracking

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