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Helping you bridge the gap between boardroom and construction site, and the cab to the control room.

About Goosetown Communications

Since 1990, Goosetown Communications has grown to become the Northeast’s leading communications system integration and solutions provider. Whether you operate a fleet of school buses or require the design and construction of a mission-critical public safety dispatch center, Goosetown has you covered® and will develop a custom solution unique to your needs. With offices in Congers, NY and East Hartford, CT, we serve businesses and municipalities from Southern New Jersey to Western Massachusetts. More and more companies have come to rely on Goosetown to deliver the highest quality products designed to meet their needs and budget.

Goosetown owns and operates the largest UHF digital trunking system east of the Mississippi, and our network is designed to offer unparalleled coverage and reliability to ensure your voice and data messages always get through. Additionally, we offer wide-area Enhanced Push-to-Talk communications which allows us to offer extended national 2-way communications that can interface with our trunking system and Land Mobile Radio systems. Our Platinum Plus® Managed Services offering allows customers to enjoy state-of-the-art communications systems at a fraction of the upfront cost, and includes full life cycle coverage of the equipment. These managed services including Fleet and Asset tracking, Data, and GPS tracking, installations, removals, software updates and airtime over the life of the agreement.

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