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We practice what we preach. All the solutions we offer are field tested and utilized to manage our business. We have dozens of employees out everyday across 4 states in the Northeast to service our customers. Over the last 30 years in business, we have tested countless solutions that have failed to deliver on their claims. This has led us to the best solutions in the industry in each of their respective categories.

What problems we were experiencing

As business owners we are always confronted by the bottom line. We would love nothing more than to be able to take care of our people and have the best of everything, however the team in our finance department would all have gray hair trying to figure out how to pay for it. When we look at the business holistically there are tradeoffs but there are somethings we cannot compromise on. The first being safety. We want to ensure our employees have the tools necessary to complete projects safely and efficiently. Running the business efficiently is crucial to exceed customer expectations and maintain our bottom line. We needed a solution that would be easy to implement that we could scale as the business grows.

How we were able to solve those problems

Implementing solutions that allows us to manage our costs, measure safety, and become more efficient saved us money. With vehicle monitoring solutions, we can insure our drivers are always wearing their seat belt while moving, if not dispatch receives an email alert. Additionally, we get email alerts when drivers have irradicate driving behavior. With those safety measures we were able to get a discount on our commercial auto policy.

  • The NSTSCE did a study and found that drivers had a 60% reduction in speeding and a 50% reduction in aggressive driving after implementing driver monitor and retraining.

We were able to reduce idle time in our vehicles and better routing saving us 10% in just fuel expense. Combine with our own push to talk over we can effectively talk to the entire team simultaneously. When techs are in the field, questions are answered quicker by the right person, so we do not have extended down time. Dispatch can track vehicle’s locations in real time. When we get a last-minute customer request, we can quickly identify who the closest tech to that location is and dispatch easily. We were able to automate our maintenance schedule and address vehicle issues immediately reducing vehicle downtime. Now a days you cannot keep employees off their phone. They are constantly checking their device.

  • On average Americans check their phone 80 times a day according to the New York Post.

As an employer we wanted to ensure drivers are not looking at their phone while driving potentially putting themselves, other drivers, or our company at risk. A week after deploying driver facing/ road facing cameras in our fleet our driver was blind sided going through an intersection. Fortunately, no one was injured however we were immediately notified a vehicle was in an accident. We were able to determine our employee’s safety and get on the ground knowledge of the situation so we can develop and appropriate response. Not to mention he was not on his phone, driving the speed limit and had a green light absolving our employee of any fault.

How can we help you?

While each business is unique, the widget may be different, but the problems typically do not change. We are your trusted advisor and communications integrator. We can develop a custom-tailored bundle to meet your businesses needs. The best part is we do not lock you into any contracts. You only pay if we deliver a solution that works. Our agreements have a 30-day cancelation at any time. Every month we must earn your business. The sale is not done when the agreement is signed. You can scale up or down as your business needs change. Best of all when implement correctly these solutions improve your bottom line. Between reducing expenses and increasing efficiency with your current employee base you can scale faster utilizing the right technology. Now when people ask us how’s business, we have one response. UNBELIEVABLE!

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