Managed Services

As wireless communications solutions for businesses and governments become more complex, the need for a trusted source to manage those communications grows. More and more organizations are seeking business partners to help them manage and oversee the following:

  • Controlling the costs of implementing communications solutions
  • Customizing communications systems and solutions to meet the needs of businesses
  • Managing and meeting FCC licensing requirements
  • Dealing with firmware and software updates and upgrades
  • Handling the maintenance and repair of radios and equipment
  • Preventative maintenance

These are not easy tasks and most businesses focus on their core deliverables. That’s why Goosetown Communications offers a variety of managed services packages to our valued customers. These packages allow you to do what you do best while leaving us with the delicate tasks of managing your communications systems and equipment.

It also means you can be confident that your communications infrastructure is sound, your equipment and devices are operating efficiently, and your security needs are managed. If you choose the right package, we’ll help you choose the managed services that best fit your business needs and your comfort level.

Why Work with Goosetown Communications for Your Managed Services?

Goosetown Communications has been meeting the communications equipment and service needs of businesses throughout the Northeastern United States since 1990. We’ve built strong relationships with trusted partners, like AT&T and Motorola Solutions so that we are uniquely positioned to offer exceptional service on their products.

Our largest customers and agencies rely on Goosetown Communications daily to help them serve workgroups that are safer and more productive thanks to the solutions we provide. We offer local businesses a total solutions package, so you never need to worry about your communications technology and systems. All you need to know is that it works when you need it, every time you need it.

We offer the following services, so you can manage your business more effectively:

  • Equipment optimization
  • Scalable services to increase or decrease as your needs change throughout the year
  • Continuous upgrades, as needed, so your teams aren’t relying on outdated technology

Our goal is to create safer, more productive communities, and we accomplish this by providing the most advanced communications technology and equipment available.

Contact Goosetown Communications today to learn more about our managed services and how we can help you optimize your business—whatever industry you happen to work in. We have a solution that’s just right for your needs. Call us today to learn more.

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