Boost your Network with Motorola Nitro™

Delivering enterprise-grade private LTE that outperforms Wi-Fi while providing unmatched simplicity and control.

The Motorola Nitro Promise

We’ve entered a data-driven reality – where data has become a “fourth utility” for many businesses; a resource considered as vital as power, water and heating / cooling.  Today, the demand for data is limitless and organizations want access to their data faster and more securely. Businesses want to design their own coverage, customizing the network to meet their unique needs. The system can easily be expanded or downsized to evolve with their business providing comprehensive on-site coverage that can blanket every corner of your operation.

The Motorola Nitro Platform

On-premise private LTE

Don’t bring consumer broadband to a commercial site. With up to twice the capacity and up to four times the range of Wi-Fi, Nitro CBRS Private LTE lets you do more with less. 

Extend your existing devices

Deliver seamless, secure, high-fidelity voice conversations across your campus or across the country with MOTOTRBO voice interoperability and connect up to two devices to your CBRS-enabled portable two-way radio via Wi-Fi. 

Full management and control

Focus less on managing your network and more on leveraging its performance. Remove the hassles of network management while enabling full control of your operation via a cloud-based portal. 

An end-to-end private LTE partner

Because we manage the solution end-to-end, you can rest assured that all network components are tested and validated to work seamlessly together. 

The Motorola Nitro Portfolio

SLN 1000 Two-Way Radio

The SLN 1000 portable two-way radio is the first purpose-built OnGo radio. It delivers highly reliable broadband push-to-talk, ensuring your voice conversations sound clear and natural. And its purpose-built design enables you to easily drive productivity, efficiency and safety. 


Evolve combines the data capabilities of an Android device with the ruggedness and reliability of a business-critical push-to-talk device. A CBRS-ready LTE handheld built for business: it is ready to evolve with your changing network needs. 


The small and elegant SLX 2000 CBSD delivers excellent on-site coverage and is ideal for mounting to a ceiling or wall.


The easy-to-install SLX 4000 Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD) delivers excellent indoor or outdoor coverage, and its compact design is ideal for mounting to a pole or wall. 

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