Panasonic Toughbooks

Rugged engineering for real world functionality

Goosetown Communications is proud to provide vehicle upfitting services to our customers. With the owners’ previous experiences as an EMT and firefighter, we understand the importance a well-connected and detailed vehicle that adheres to safety standards for workers behind the wheel.

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Panasonic Rugged Toughbooks

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® rugged laptops and handheld computers are part of a complete solution combining hardware, software and services for those who work in harsh environments day in and day out. TOUGHBOOK devices are designed specifically for those who use them, and they have the reliability needed to accomplish a safe and successful workday. 

Panasonic Toughbook Product Solutions

Rugged devices designed specifically for industry-specific harsh environments and the challenges day in and day out. 

Rugged Laptops

Your work is extraordinary, and your devices need to match you step for step. That’s why Panasonic has built rugged laptops and 2-in-1’s that are trusted by hardworking people in the toughest environments anywhere.

Rugged Tablets

You shouldn’t have to compromise mobility and performance. That’s why we engineer TOUGHBOOK® tablets—to give you ruggedized tools you can trust to get your work done.

Rugged Handhelds

Who says you can’t have thin, light and rugged at the same time? Panasonic handheld devices—running both Windows® and Android™ operating systems—give you rugged tools that operate in the most unforgiving environments. 

Goosetown’s Panasonic Featured Devices


TOUGHBOOK 33 features a ground-breaking 3:2 display, making it easier to handle, while improving readability of the business applications and documents workers use every day. This innovative design also enables backward compatibility with an entire generation of TOUGHBOOK 31 vehicle docks.  


Powerful, slim and fully rugged handheld. With an octa-core processor, front facing and rear-facing cameras, and long-lasting battery life that is warm-swappable, you can be in constant communication or continuously monitoring your situation with confidence. TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical delivers the Android operating system, giving you the ability to develop in an open environment with thousands of readily available applications and solutions.   


The TOUGHBOOK A3 has a powerful octa-core processor, 4G LTE support, FirstNet™ and an insertable stylus. The tablet has the flexibility to be used in all markets including warehousing, logistics and transportation. Equipped with an optional integrated barcode reader and insertable smart card reader the TOUGHBOOK A3 is also ideal for enterprise retail and federal markets

Goosetown’s Featured Panasonic Accessories

Docking Stations

The Panasonic Desktop Docking Stations help connect your notebook to multiple peripherals and ensures efficient power supply. It provides four USB-A, two HDMI, a VGA, a serial and LAN ports. 

Screen Protectors

Screen Protector for Panasonic Toughbooks  provide a superior antireflective film for outdoor use. They have excellent scratch resistance and optical properties. 

Battery Packs

Extend the life of your Panasonic Toughbook devises with our genuine Panasonic battery packs.  

Tablet Cases

 Get a Panasonic Toughbook case that is as tough as your computer. For best results, pair your Toughbook with the right case or strap to ensure you have the optimum configuration for your work environment. 

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