Goosetown Communications is committed to serving the needs of our community, of businesses and government agencies. We believe in offering the tools that businesses and government organizations need to build communications systems and networks that enable them to be safer and more productive.

Types of Services Goosetown Communications Offers

To serve our community better, we offer a wide range of services that help your business and organization communicate more effectively, including:

  • FCC licensing services: we help you meet the current FCC licensing requirements and work with you to ensure you have the resources in place when those requirements change
  • Vehicle upfitting: we install our safety and communications equipment in your vehicles, so your drivers can access communications that are DOT compliant and keep them informed and safe while on the road
  • Booking service, installations, and repairs: we offer convenient options for you to schedule service and repairs to your equipment, including equipment installations, routine maintenance, and 24×7 emergency repair services
  • System design and engineering: we work with you to create custom communications solutions to meet the unique and specific needs of your business

With these services, along with the state-of-the-art equipment and technology we deliver, we can work with organizations throughout the region to ensure communication is swift, effective, and productive for your entire organization.

Goosetown Communications has made it our mission to help our communities by making them safer and more productive through the power of improved communications. Every product and service we offer is designed to help us accomplish our mission.

We’ll work with your organizations to create an effective communications solution that is affordable and scalable for your business, so it can grow with you as your needs evolve. Whether you take advantage of our managed services, or one of the services listed above, you will always be treated with respect as we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.

We believe that every industry we serve has mission critical communications needs and deliver the products and services to keep you connected so your teams can remain safe and productive. Additionally, we offer maintenance agreements to provide preventative protection and catch potential problems with your equipment before it’s too late.

Work with Goosetown Communications today to and see what a difference our brand of customer service delivers. We’ve been serving the communications needs of businesses throughout the Northeastern United States since 1990 and are here to help you grow and expand your business today and into the future.

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