Motorola Solutions is the undisputed worldwide leader when it comes to land mobile radios, which is why Goosetown Communications has partnered with them. We offer the widest selection of feature-rich radios to meet the diverse needs of businesses, industries, and government agencies throughout the Northeastern United States.

We understand different businesses have different needs for their communications systems and equipment. Thanks to their advanced features and durability, MOTOTRBO radios are the solution for a variety of your communications problems. There are multiple models to choose from, so you can count on Goosetown Communications to help you invest in the right radio for the right position.

Why Motorola Radios?

There’s many reasons to choose the Motorola MOTOTRBO radio for your critical communications needs:

Versatile: Small, portable radios are practical for people who are in customer facing roles, while rugged radios are well-suited for people in demanding environments

MOTOTRBO apps: Increase your MOTOTRBO radio’s versatility with a variety of apps, including GPS tracking, so you know where your people and your resources are located, ensuring the safety of your team and your assets 

Instant communication: There’s no delay, just instant communication between individual team members or your entire organization

Durability: These radios are built with rugged use in mind, including many models having an IP68 rating. MOTOTRBO radios have been hardened to withstand dust, wind, rain, water immersions, and more

Accessories: Most MOTOTRBO radios come with IMPRES batteries to maximize talk time and ensure you’re connected all shift long. There’s also an impressive line-up of top-notch accessories, such as microphones, headsets, and earpieces built for a variety of retail and industrial uses

MOTOTRBO radios are built for use in a variety of business and industrial environments. Leading businesses in every industry turn to Motorola, as one of the most trusted names in the industry when it comes to radios and wireless communications.

Goosetown Communications can help you choose the models to best match your needs and the environment in which you’ll be using them. You may even need different radios for people who play different roles within your organization. We can help with that. We offer radios, and design systems, built for on-site, off-site, and nationwide communications, so no matter what, your employees have constant access to instant communication.

Why Goosetown Communications?

Goosetown Communications is your trusted source for vital communications equipment throughout the Northeastern United States. We’ve been serving your needs since 1990, offering a variety of up-to-date coverage solutions for a variety of industries. These solutions include the Goosetown Wide Area System, which is built on the Motorola Digital MotoTRBO platform and our repair and maintenance service for Motorola MotoTRBO radios and systems. Contact us today to learn more about these impressive radios and which ones serve your needs best.

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