TeamConnect is the newest addition to the Goosetown Communications impressive lineup of wireless communications services. Utilizing the AT&T LTE network, TeamConnect allows business organizations to communicate via mobile phone apps or specially designed Push to Talk (PTT) over LTE radios.

This nationwide PTT over LTE service bridges the gap between boardroom and construction site, control room to truck cabs. Some of the benefits your organization will enjoy with TeamConnect include the following:

  • Group communications or private calling in an instant
  • Predictable costs
  • Relatively low startup costs
  • GPS capabilities
  • Ability to share locations for status reports and updates

That is only the beginning. With a wide selection of apps and safety features, you can transform Android and Apple mobile phones and devices into communications powerhouses for your organization.

Nationwide Communications

You will find no communications option on the market today that offers more versatility than PTT over LTE, and our system is one of the best in the business. Keep your team connected with the TeamConnect across campus, across town, or across the country, and rely on Goosetown to develop a solution that fits your business: 

  • Security
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Utilities
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

Choose Goosetown and connect the boardroom to the construction site, and the cab to the control room with reliable PTT over the AT&T LTE network. 

Why Goosetown Communications?

Goosetown Communications brings nearly 30 years of experience handling the communications needs of large, mid-size, and small businesses and government organizations to the table. We understand the unique communications challenges industries in a variety of stages face and will help you come up with a customized, full-service communications solution to meet those individual needs within your organization.

We are committed to creating safer, connected communities, and more productive workplaces for everyone. Goosetown is dedicated to your mission, and we are the one company providing integrated communications solutions across disparate networks, locations and technologies. By combining the latest in wireless technologies and developing a deep understanding of your needs, we deliver a truly integrated solution from the cab, to the control room, to the field.

Contact Goosetown Communications today to learn about the addition of TeamConnect and how that simple addition can easily become a game changer for your business. Let us show you how you can use this highly effective communication network to improve safety and performance for your business.

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