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PMLN7158 Single-Wire Surveillance Kit
PMLN7159 Adjustable D-Style Earpiece
PMLN7182 Leather Carry Case for APX 4000 with Dual Knobs
PMLN7189 Swivel Earpiece With In-Line Microphone And PTT
PMLN7190 Swivel Carry Holster
PMLN7203 Flexible Earpiece With Boom Microphone
PMLN7269A Two-Wire Surveillance Kit
PMLN7270A Two-Wire Surveillance Kit
PMLN7296 Vibrating Belt Clip
PMLN7396 Adjustable D-Style Earpiece For Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)
PMLN7412 Only Earpiece, Long
PMLN7414 Carry Holster
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