Motorola Solutions Body-Worn Cameras for Public Safety Agencies in the Northeast US

Capture evidence-grade video of any situation

Motorola Solutions mission-critical body cameras for law enforcement and security teams are designed to withstand tough conditions, long shifts, and capture vital evidence. Motorola Solutions’ technology enables police agencies to strengthen trust within their communities through transparency, because body cameras capture events in real-time with high-quality video and indisputable evidence.

All police agencies across the Northeast are not the same, and their body camera requirements need to accommodate their specific needs. That is why Goosetown Communications offers Motorola Solutions V300 and VB400 body cameras that offer a variety of features, from live streaming, radio integration, swappable batteries, wireless uploading and more.

Motorola Solutions V300 Body Camera

The V300 is built specifically for law enforcement with its continuous-operation that remains operational beyond a 12-hour shift. The V300 features a detachable battery, 128GB of storage space, wireless uploading, and Record-after-the-Fact® technology.

When the V300 is integrated with the technology you use every day to enhance your focus, and combined with powerful device and evidence management software, this integrated video solution allows you to capture every encounter.
The V300 continuous operation body worn camera remains operational well beyond a 12-hour shift, capturing crystal clear video and audio of every officer’s encounter.

Key Features:

Detachable Battery: Easily swap-out the rechargeable battery while you are on the go. Keep an extra battery at the ready for extra-long shifts.

Natural Field of View: Eliminates the fisheye effect from other wide angle lens cameras that warp video footage. The V300 distortion-correction technology provides clear and complete video evidence.

Built-In Display: Device status is easily accessed via LCD display on the top of the camera.
Absolute Encryption: The V300 guards’ data and security by encrypting while at rest or during transit.

Rugged & Durable: Tested for public safety environments, the V300 is shockproof, and waterproof to IP67.

Record-After-the-Fact: The V300 allows you to go back in time and capture video from events days after they happened, even when a recording was not automatically triggered or initiated by the officer.

Automatic Wireless Uploading: The V300 is capable of streaming critical video to cloud-based or on-premise evidence management systems via wireless networks.

In-Car Video System Integration: V300 can seamlessly integrate footage with an M500 or Motorola Solutions 4RE in-car video system to collect and consolidate all in-field video as indisputable evidence of any incident.

Radio Integration: The V300 can be paired with APX radios via Bluetooth® permitting recording to automatically start when the radio enters emergency mode. (By depressing the radio’s emergency key or from a radio-initiated “man down” event.)

Vehicle Integration: Whether you have an in-car video system or not, the V300 can integrate with your vehicle to trigger auto record when the lights and siren are activated, a door is opened, or speed is exceeded.

Smartphone Integration: The V300 SmartControl companion app allows you to connect to your Android™ smartphone so you can review and tag videos, change camera settings, and view live video when you are back at your desk.

Motorola Solutions VB400 Body Camera

Whether you are working security or in a small to mid-size police agency, the VB400 body camera is the budget-friendly choice designed with durability in mind when capturing high-quality indisputable video evidence. The VB400 body camera is intuitive to operate, easily integrates with existing workflows and is equipped with all features you need for a body camera like long shift battery life.

The VB400 features a resilient outer casing that is built to withstand the rugged conditions officers and security guards frequently encounter. It conveniently fits to most uniforms and can accommodate a variety of shift patterns and environments.

Key Features:

Temperature & Weather Resistant: The VB400 can operate in temperatures between -4°F and 122°F, with IP67 ingress rating for protection against wind, rain, and snow.

Long-Shift Battery Life: Capable to record up to 12 hours continuously on a single charge with configurable stand-by and safety modes to enhance battery life.

Ruggedized Exterior: The VB400 is built to protect your video evidence in a resilient outer casing that can withstand the rigors of the job with MIL STD 810G drop test certification.

Secure Mounting Options: You can be confident that your VB400 will stay firmly attached regardless of whether you are wearing a bulletproof vest, shirt, or jacket.

Configurable Recording Behavior: The VB400 features five programmable buttons, permitting a variety of actions such as enable or disable LEDs, vibrations, and beep notifications.
Pre- and Post-Record: To document a full frame of reference and ensure protocol, the VB400 features pre and post record capability that captures the crucial time immediately before and after a situation.

Immediate Footage Download: When the VB400 is docked, all the day’s recorded footage is securely transferred to your Video Manager with no user intervention required.

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