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Digital Two-Way Radio Solutions and Services for Manufacturing Facilities In The Northeast US

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For over thirty years Goosetown Communications has been a trusted partner in the design, installation and maintenance of wireless voice, security, and connectivity for a variety of manufacturers across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. From single-site family-owned facilities to multi-site Fortune 500 manufacturers, Goosetown’s end-to-end solutions ensure employee safety, enhance security, and enable productivity and efficiency.

Manufacturers are constantly exploring ways to streamline their operational procedures, minimize downtime, and maintain visibility of the entire production process. With the innovation surrounding today’s smart manufacturing practices, such as IoT, M2M and Just-In-Time processing the dependence upon automation and reliable wireless connectivity has grown exponentially.

As manufacturers and distributors accelerate the use of IoT to connect machines, people and data throughout their facility Goosetown Communications has played a critical role in deploying, integrating and maintaining end-to-end wireless solutions to ensure a working environment that is safe and secure for employees, visitors, property, and assets. We do not just say we put our customers first; we live it every day by going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction 365/24/7.

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