Portable & Mobile Two-Way Radio Solutions

There's a Right Device for Every Worker

At Goosetown we recognize that there is an appropriate communications device for every worker. Whether we are supporting our communities’ local first responders with a high tier multipurpose device, to intrinsically safe professional two-way radios for employees working in hazardous environments, to providing an easy-to-use radio for the teacher at the playground, we have your radio needs covered.

Goosetown offers a complete portfolio of two-way radios from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Motorola Solutions, JVCKenwood, EF Johnson, Tait and Sonim, that can meet the needs of both P25 / Public Safety, as well as professional and commercial users.

Our portable and mobile two-way radios range from simple Push-To-Talk (PTT) voice-only models for commercial applications to feature-rich voice and data radios for the public safety and professional radio users. If you are configuring a two-way radio solution for the first time, the options and variables can be overwhelming. Determining your available frequencies, coverage area, your required talk-groups, and the product’s overall durability and performance will all impact your ultimate purchase decision.

To help you navigate through the right purchase decision, Goosetown Communications encourages you to discuss your communication needs with one of our certified sales professionals, to assist you in making the best purchase decision for today and for your future system needs.

Explore P25 Two-Way Radios

Every day, first responders risk their lives to protect others, and in emergency situations, communication is critical. If you can’t communicate effectively with your team, you take the chance of putting lives at risk. Motorola Solutions, JVC Kenwood Viking and Tait P25 portable and mobile two-way radios are the perfect solution for any agency looking to take communication systems to the next level.

These two-way radios have been designed with advanced features that allow teams to operate more efficiently than ever before, and come equipped with all-band capability which allows them to connect across multiple agencies. Integrated Wi-Fi technology enables faster wireless updates and an adaptive audio engine that provides connection in any environment.

Explore Professional / Commercial Two-Way Radios

In any business or government organization, fast and effective communication is necessary. It’s important to be able to communicate with your team members quickly and easily so you can work safely and more efficient. Goosetown offers two-way radio solutions, including Kenwood two-way radios and Motorola two-way radios that keep your team connected. Our two-way radios are durable and rugged, and provide better coverage, and clearer communications for daily operations or during emergency incidents. Goosetown’s two-way radio solutions also offer features like Man Down, Lone Worker, and GPS tracking to ensure safety and productivity throughout your operations.

Explore Two-Way Radio Accessories

Two-way radio accessories help keep your staff comfortable while wearing radios, gets radios charged quickly, and also provides hearing protection in noisy workplaces. Two-way radio accessories are critical for productivity, customer service, and workplace safety.

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