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Goosetown Communications is a leading distributor and integrator across the Northeast for dispatch console solutions for federal, state & local public safety, as well as commercial enterprise applications.

With over 30 years of experience in the radio and Push-To-Talk dispatch market, Goosetown Communications is uniquely qualified and experienced in designing, deploying and maintaining sophisticated public safety console solutions for mission-critical applications, as well as refined and easy to operate console solutions for business-critical communications.

At Goosetown Communications we partner with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Motorola Solutions, Avtec, Interlink, Telex, TeamConnect Hub and Eventide. Each of these strategic partners offer distinct capabilities that offer reliable, expandable, easy to configure, interoperable end-to-end command & control systems to serve across multiple markets.

With all our console solution designs, we start with a deep understanding of our customers’ integrated command and control requirements in order to engineer the best scalable solution to withstand the test of time. Considerations that impact the design of our customer’s solution will include the systems connection standards, the two-way radios or Push-To-Talk devices operating on the system, requirements to support software applications such as GPS and any additional peripheral device technologies.

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