Mass Notification Solutions for Public and Private Enterprise in the Northeast US

Whelen Mass Notification Solutions

the quickest, most effective way for warning the public of man-made or natural events

Goosetown Communications’ longtime partnership with Whelen Engineering allows us to provide our customers with the industry leading voice and tone warning system technology available on the market. Whelen’s made in America signaling products help keep employees, students and the public informed in times of an emergency. Mass Signaling is the quickest and most efficient way of alerting the public of a man-made or natural event, such as tornado, flash flood, severe weather, campus safety issue or chemical release.

The most effective way for warning the public is to issue a tone and follow it with clear, intelligible voice instructions. Whelen’s three step approach, A.I.D.™ … ALERT, INFORM & DIRECT helps to eliminate confusion, restore order and, most importantly, save lives.

For more than 30 years, Goosetown Communications has been designing, installing and servicing mass notifications systems. Our engineers and service technicians are factory trained and certified on Whelen’s latest solutions and equally important on how to integrate these systems with your existing radio network, and provide a completely integrated solution for your early warning system protocol.

eliminate confusion, restore order and, most importantly, save lives.

The Whelen Mass signaling solutions allow you to alert and inform your facilities, campus or community without delay with a range of emergency notifications products to choose from.

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