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At Goosetown Communications we help enterprises across the Northeast get the most out of their technology and communications infrastructure through process automation. Whether we are remotely monitoring tower sites, electrical power stations or waste management systems, Goosetown engineers and field service technicians are well versed in designing and implementing scalable private operational control networks to meet your needs. With our on-going commitment to improving safety and efficiency, Goosetown is here to help your organization with all your Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) projects. We understand the critical role SCADA plays in keeping enterprises operating at optimal efficiency.

SCADA is the technology that connects machines in the field to the computers that control your operations. By sending the data back to your computers, personnel are able to monitor that information, in real-time and determine if changes or adjustments are required.

Utilities and industries benefit from SCADA technologies to monitor critical infrastructure and alert them of potential problems and issues before they could otherwise be visible. Having real-time data in multiple places is immeasurable for large-scale operations and SCADA is the connective tissue to make it work.

Who Can Benefit from SCADA?

The applications for process automation and operational controls are almost limitless. However, some fields have a greater need of SCADA than others. Some of the primary industries we serve include:

  • Water treatment
  • Traffic control
  • Oil, gas, and energy applications
  • Utility infrastructure
  • Transportation: Airport, seaport, and railway applications

As a premier dealer for IoT microwave networks for both AT&T and US Cellular, we offer both packaged solutions and custom designed IoT solutions to solve a variety of problems:

  • Remote site monitoring
  • Weather conditions / icing
  • Monitor fuel levels
  • Temperature control
  • Access control
  • Turn On / Off Lights
  • Open Doors / Gates / Valves
  • Generator operation

At Goosetown we can help you navigate the intricacies of the Internet of Things and quickly build your IoT solution. By partnering with a highly secure global network providers like AT&T, Choice IoT or US Cellular, our IoT solutions are simple and cost-effective. Your ability to quickly deploy and control connected devices using a single automated global SIM network all integrated with the convenience of our Platinum Plus℠ Managed Services offering.

Contact us today to see how we can revolutionize your SCADA networks at a fraction of the upfront costs typically associated with these projects. Put the power of our networks behind your organization today.

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