Empower Teams with Seamless Push-To-Talk Over Cellular Communications

Goosetown’s PoC Solutions Answer Your Communications Needs

Goosetown’s Solutions Answer Your Communications Needs

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC), also known as PTT over cellular, provides nationwide communications at a fraction of the cost of traditional radio systems. Push-To-Talk over cellular is ideally suited for businesses needing to communicate across wide areas or with mobile work forces, such as transportation, private security, construction, towing, and field services.

As an alternative to a traditional wide-area LMR private network, the PoC option is the “easy button” when it comes to reliable, effective and affordable two-way radio coverage. Push-To-Talk over cellular networks eliminate the complexity and inherent costs of designing, maintaining and operating a traditional land mobile radio (LMR) network. With the pervasive coverage of cellular networks in most areas today, PoC is a viable alternative to a private LMR solution.

The secret to making PoC a practical alternative to LMR is choosing the best network, equipment and software. At Goosetown Communications we proudly support many of our customers on TeamConnect, a leading PoC network that provides crystal-clear next-generation nationwide 4G LTE wireless communication. TeamConnect is an ideal network for applications such as transportation, school bus, waste management, concrete, towing, limo and taxi services, independent contractors and many more businesses can benefit from instant group PTT communication, while remaining federally compliant with distracted driver and hands-free regulations.

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There are a number of dedicated Push-To-Talk devices on the market today, ranging from dedicated PTT only cell phones (with no internet or cell phone capabilities), to ruggedized smartphones with PTT buttons, as well as car kits that transform cellular devices into a PTT mobile radio. The choices are almost endless when it comes to getting a push to talk solution for your fleet and allow you to stay complaint with distracted driver or hands-free policies. Depending upon your requirements, we offer customers a variety of devices from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Telox and Sonim, to choose from.

Operating on a push-to-talk over cellular network will not only increase your fleets safety and efficiency, it will also allow you to easily scale your operation as necessary. No longer will you be confronted with taking vehicles out of service to install or reprogram radios. Adding or deleting users on your network, is as easy as programming a device to the system.

One Solution to Meet the Needs of All Your Vehicles And Personnel

+ Simple Installations + Simple Installations

+ Enhanced Wide-Area Communication + Enhanced Wide-Area Communication

+ Reduced Complexity + Reduced Complexity

It's all possible with TeamConnect . From Goosetown Communications

Telox Featured PTT Devices for Business, Enterprise and Government Agency in the Northeast US

Telox’s innovative broadband push-to-talk radios and body camera solutions have been supplied to more than 50 countries globally, delivering great satisfaction to customers. They serve a variety of industries including security, construction, transportation and more. Telox understands that communication is critical for maintaining a safe world and see the massive potential for its development in parallel with broadband technology. Telox’s aim is to take advantage of this technology and integrate it with traditional radio form factors, thus providing innovative and valuable solutions.



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