FCC Licensing

Most businesses are experts within your industry. You have surrounded yourself with the best and the brightest and have a firm grasp on the job at hand. What you may not have a firm grasp on are the requirements for the FCC’s current regulations concerning two-way radios and Narrowbanding.

Goosetown Communications can help you navigate these confusing requirements so your business doesn’t get fined by the FCC. We partner with trusted FCC advisory staff to provide reliable assistance with:

  • FCC license modifications
  • First time FCC license applications
  • FCC license renewals
  • License relocations

Getting the paperwork right is only half the battle, however. You must also make sure your business has the equipment required to meet the FCC standardsfor Narrowbanding. One of the recent changes the FCC has made is the transition to 12.5 kHz. What this means is that you are no longer able to continue using your old analog radios and equipment operating on a 25 kHz signal.

While the current requirement is to upgrade to systems that offer 12.5 kHz, savvy business owners, in anticipation of expected requirements to reduce Narrowbanding requirements to 6.25 kHz signals, are purchasing radios and equipment within that range – like the MOTOTRBO 6.25 kHz digital radios.

Let Goosetown Communications do Your FCC Heavy Lifting

No one wants to spend endless hours dealing with governmental red tape. Goosetown can help by doing the heavy lifting for your FCC licensing. We can work through the federal regulations and deliver radios that meet current requirements, while staying within your budget and allowing you to go about the business you do best.

Goosetown Communications understands that businesses throughout our service areas of New York, New England, and New Jersey have better things to worry about than FCC licensing. In addition to a wide range of radios and equipment that meet the FCC regulations, we also offer a new product that doesn’t require FCC licensing at all – the TeamConnect. The TeamConnect delivers Push To Talk (PTT) over LTE on AT&T’s cellular network and eliminates the need for FCC licensing.

We believe you shouldn’t have to work harder than necessary to make your business operate more efficiently, increase production, and improve safety all around. We offer the tools, equipment and assistance you need to do just that. Contact Goosetown Communications today to learn all about our FCC licensing services, digital radio selection, and TeamConnect network.

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