Powered by the AT&T network, the TeamConnect allows you to connect with your team at a push of a button almost anywhere in the USA. This is the latest venture for Goosetown Communications allowing our customers even greater communication freedom with the ability to use different devices, like mobile phones, or radios, to communicate over the AT&T LTE network.

AT&T Partner Exchange

What does Communication via LTE Networks Mean for You?

Push-to-talk over LTE gives you nearly infinite possibility to communicate with people within your organization anywhere in the United States served by AT&T’s LTE network. Whether you’re interested in one-on-one communications with a specific team member over 1,000 miles away or you want to speak to your entire team spread across the country, this network has you covered.

When it comes to business mobility, it’s nearly impossible to beat the benefits of  partnering with AT&T. We take our partnerships seriously and only work with top-tier partners who contribute greatly to the line of products, services, and features we provide our customers. We know this partnership with AT&T fits our model.

Improve Safety and Productivity with Push to Talk (PTT) Over LTE

The ability to communicate through LTE networks for your wireless solutions is a huge benefit to businesses. It provides you with lightning fast access to communications, so when emergencies arise you can count on prompt responses.

It also allows you to connect instantly with people working outside a traditional in-building or wide area network. This means you can communicate over great distances with people out in the field. Additionally, PTT allows you to keep the costs of these communications low by allowing your employees to access communications via their mobile phones with an app.

PTT over LTE enables instant communication without sacrificing important features like:

  • SOS alert messaging
  • One-touch communication
  • Background noise cancelling technology
  • GPS location services
  • Dispatch capabilities (with the appropriate software)

It makes a great solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes who are interested in improving the way their communications work for them.

Think about current communications methods. How much time does your organization waste daily playing phone tag, typing out text messages, retrieving and replying to voice mails. You can eliminate all of this with one-touch communication made possible thanks to our partnership with AT&T.

Goosetown Communications has been serving the communications needs of businesses and organizations throughout the Northeastern U.S. since 1990. Contact us today to learn more about our partnership with AT&T and how it allows us to create customized, highly affordable communications solutions for your organization.

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