OneVoice is the largest, digitally trunked radio network in the Northeastern U.S. It is specifically designed to provide effective mobile group communications for businesses and agencies. The OneVoice network handles more than 50 million voice calls and 60,000 hours of air time annually without missing a beat because of it’s high-capacity systems that are completely scalable to handle periods of increased demand and the growth of your business over time.

Their wide-area dispatch network is designed specifically with organizations, like yours, in mind. They offer easy dispatch and coordination of services and with communications that are reliable and unobstructed for your entire team.

Industries that Benefit Greatly from Our OneVoice Partnership

Goosetown Communications believes firmly in finding the right people to fill the right seats within our organization. This philosophy serves them well when choosing business partners to meet the diversified needs of our customer base. We believe it has done so again in our partnership with OneVoice.

This partnership makes it possible for us to offer outstanding service and communications systems throughout the Northeastern U.S. for businesses who work in rugged industries, such as:

  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • School Buses
  • Snow Plows and Snow Removal
  • Utilities

Practically any business that involves people in the field could benefit from our partnership with OneVoice.

Why Partner with Goosetown Communications?

Goosetown Communications is the largest Connect Plus Location east of the Mississippi, perhaps in the entire country. Since 1990, we’ve been providing businesses, public safety organizations, and government organizations with the tools and systems they need to communicate more effectively, improve safety, and boost productivity.

We remain true to our original mission of creating safer, more productive communities throughout the areas we serve. Our core values have made us a well-respected name in the communications industry and in the communities, we serve.

We operate out of two locations. Our headquarters in in Congers, NY and our other location in East Hartford, CT. From these locations we provide our services to businesses and municipalities from New Jersey to Massachusetts.

We believe we have the right people to meet your communications needs from the people we hire and train to the companies we’ve chosen to partner with, like OneVoice. Contact Goosetown Communications today to learn more about our relationship with OneVoice and what it means for your communications needs.

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