Gambling establishments are fast-paced environments and excellent communications are critical for keeping your entire gaming operation operating efficiently, improving guest experience and maximizing safety. Goosetown Communications has the training and experience to customize a communications system for your operation that will help you take your game to the next level in the following ways and more:

  • Greater efficiency in all departments
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Safer environment for customers and staff
  • Better security protocols

Whether you’re operating a casino, racetrack, or other gambling establishment, you need a large staff in a variety of departments to keep things operating smoothly and ensure the security of guests, staff and on-site cash.

Who Needs Access to Better Communication?

Improved communication is key for all these things. Here are a few casino staff members or departments that benefit from two-way radios:

  • Slot technicians
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Casino managers
  • Hospitality Staff
  • Guest relations personnel

When all these people can communicate more efficiently, the entire operation becomes more profitable.

Why Goosetown Communications?

Goosetown Communications has been serving the communications needs of businesses, including casinos, throughout the Northeastern United States since 1990. During that time, we’ve cultivated relationships with industry leaders like Motorola that make us experts in servicing and installing their equipment.

We offer an impressive assortment of rugged and durable Motorola radios to accommodate the needs of maintenance and security personnel and more discrete models for people who work in guest relations or on the casino floor. As experts in the equipment we sell, we’re able to work with gambling establishments, like yours, to create BDA and DAS antenna systems to provide complete coverage throughout the casino. We have a wide range of equipment and accessories to make radios comfortable and user-friendly. Earpieces and microphones facilitate discrete communication and cancels out the background noise of the casino.

Contact Goosetown Communications today to learn more about how our services and equipment can make you a major player within the local gaming community. We understand your unique communications needs and challenges and have the right services and equipment to meet them.

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