• Motorola HK200 Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece

Motorola HK200 Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece

Model Number:  89409N

HK200 Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece

Portable and convenient earpiece for two-way radio communications. A lightweight and stable TrueComfort™ design that provides the best fit and echo reduction technology to improve call clarity.

This earpiece has been tested and certified to work with MOTOTRBO XPR 5000, XPR 6000 and SL Series radios. XPR 6000 Series radios require MOTOTRBO Operations Critical Wireless Adapter (PMLN5712).  This earpiece provides up to six hours of battery life when operating with the MOTOTRBO radio.

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Performance Characteristics

Bluetooth capable


Discreet message reception


Receive only


Physical Characteristics

Adapter required






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