• Motorola IMPRES Battery Management Application

Motorola IMPRES Battery Management Application


IMPRES Battery Management provides the most accurate information on each battery in your fleet so you know they’re fully charged and will last the entire shift. Whether radios are in the charger or in the field, the IMPRES software automatically collects battery-critical data. This includes battery age, capacity, charge and recondition history, manufacturing and put-in-service dates.

IMPRES Over-the-Air Battery Management, for XPR 7000 Series and XPR 3000 Series radios, automatically collects battery information over the air while radios are in use. For all other IMPRES compatible radios, battery data is tracked when you place your batteries in the charger.

Customers requiring full IMPRES fleet management capabilities will need to purchase the HKVN4036 IMPRES Fleet Management Entitlement Key. For more information, please download our IMPRES Battery Management brochure.

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