• Motorola BLUETOOTH® Mission Critical Wireless Push-To-Talk POD

Motorola BLUETOOTH® Mission Critical Wireless Push-To-Talk POD

Model Number:  NTN2571

This mission-critical wireless push-to-talk pod offers a fast and flexible way to seamlessly and wirelessly connect with any earpiece connected to your radio. Whether a radio is under your coat or out of your reach, you can access it using your wireless PTT pod — just tuck it in a pocket or clip it on a jacket.

This PTT supports the fast push-to-talk central to Motorola’s mission-critical wireless solutions, so you can be sure every word is heard and every word is secure.

This pod can operate as a standalone wireless PTT pod or can be ordered as part of the Completely Discreet Wireless Surveillance Kit or ordered to power the Mission Critical Wireless earbuds NNTN8294 or NNTN8295.

No additional features are available for this product
Performance Characteristics

Maximum range

10 meters (33 feet)

Motorola wireless category

Mission critical (secure)

Physical Characteristics

Battery type

Lithium polymer

Dimensions (H x W x D)

71 x 41 x 19 mm

IP rating


Operating temperature

-30°C to +60°C

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