• Motorola APX Wireless RSM Kit

Motorola APX Wireless RSM Kit

Model Number:  RLN6554

Mission critical users can be ready in seconds without having to worry about wires getting in the way with the APX Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM). Featuring enhanced security, quick pairing, and fast PTT capabilities, the wireless RSM helps you work safer, smarter and more comfortably in demanding environments.

  • Mission Critical Wireless includes Motorola Solutions Inc (MSI) PTT and pairing innovations that enhance Bluetooth technology for use in mission critical applications.
  • The radio/MCW accessory system PTT operates with extremely low latency (<35mS) that eliminates missing the first syllable of first spoken word on all PTT sessions.
  • Secure out of band touch pairing via MSI blue dot technology eliminates pairing complexity, enables multiple users in close proximity to pair simultaneously, and is secure from remote third party attacks.
  • Radio/MCW accessory system design provides the best possible Bluetooth connectivity in all conditions.
  • The MCW RSM itself has a user removable/replaceable battery design based on MSI APX battery attachment/removal.
  • A task light on the bottom of the MCW RSM is available, but may be disabled by a button press sequence or permanently disabled via MCW RSM configuration software.
  • A vehicular 12v adapter powered charger (PMLN6716) is available for MCW RSM or battery only. Private listening is available with the extra loud clear acoustic earpiece (PMLN4941_XL); consider adding the long wear clear comfortable earpieces (RLN4761 right ear, RLN4764 left ear) or the comfortable Sonic Defenders (RLN6512) for high noise applications.
  • Available for MSI mobile radios is the Long Range 100m Wireless kit (RLN6551) that keeps connection to the high power mobile radio inside and outside the vehicle.
  • MCW RSM field serviceable parts include replacement battery (PMNN4461), DUC (PMLN7120), DUC 110 – 240vac NA plug power adapter (25012022001), pack of 12 replacement shoulder clips with D ring (NNTN4990) or original shoulder clip (PMLN6743).
  • Detailed information manual MN000349A01.
Performance Characteristics

Performance Characteristics

Audio Jack: NONE

Channel Control: No


Intrinsic Safety Rating: NO RATING


Technology: ORIGINAL


Volume Control: No

Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Weight (LB-Pound): 1.5756

Dimensions (IN-Inch): 1.13 (W) 3.5 (H) 2.5 (L)


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