Security is an important job. From securing and safeguarding people to assets like buildings, inventory, and materials, it’s not a responsibility you take lightly. Goosetown Communications understands the unique challenges businesses in your industry face and has a wide range of communications tools and systems to help secure your communications needs.

The Unique Challenges Security Businesses Face

Because security companies come in all shapes and sizes, there are no one-size solutions for industry-wide communications needs. While most people can agree that ruggedized radios designed to work indoors, outdoors, and take a few knocks along the way are the way to go, the communications requirements of individual security businesses vary greatly. Fortunately for you, Goosetown Communications offers a wide range of communications solutions and can engineer unique solutions to meet the needs of your security business. Among the products we offer are the following:

  • Goosetown’s Wide Area TRBOVoice Network
  • TeamConnect PTT overAT&T’s LTE network
  • In-building Communications
  • Campus-wide Communications for hospital security, campus security, etc.

We can create an ideal communications network and system for your business based on the unique security services you offer. Our primary concern is the safety of the people who work for you, as well as that of the public you serve. We provide you with the reliable communications systems, networks, and tools they can count on.

Radios or Mobile Phone Apps?

One of the big questions security businesses face is whether to adopt the use of two-way radios or mobile phone apps. Each offers unique strengths and benefits that will vary according to the way you do business. Many people in the security industry prefer the rugged nature of certain radios that are built to withstands exposure to wind, rain, and a little rough handling.

Most mobile phones are not quite as robust, however, using push-to-talk over LTE with a mobile phone offers a great solution for some security businesses, especially those operating in various locations across the country. The key is to ensure that whichever form of communication your security personnel use, it is reliable for them when they need it most.

Why Goosetown Communications for Your Security Organization?

Goosetown Communications has developed key partnerships with organizations like Motorola AT&T and OneVoice Network for a wide range of digital radio systems, radios. We’ve been serving the security industry and many more throughout the Northeastern United States since 1990 and look forward to earning your trust, respect, and business. Contact us today to learn more about our robust security communications options.

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