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Goosetown Communications partners with Control4 because they are a leading provider of automation and networking systems that automate lighting, audio-video, climate control and intercom for Emergency Response and 911 Call Centers.
Emergency Operations Centers and 911 Dispatch Control teams understand that when it comes to dispatcher engagement their comfort matters. With the highest rate of employee turn-over in the public safety sector, operation centers need to be sure that dispatchers have work environments that support both comfort and safety. When a dispatcher is comfortable, they are more focused for longer periods of time.

Dispatch console lighting has quickly risen as a top priority and critical component to supporting an Emergency Operations Center. Control4 allows you to set the mood and control a room’s lights and shading, enabling you to reduce the eye strain frequently associate with dispatch console lighting.
With the touch of a button, tap on a touchscreen, or a voice command you Control4 can empower you to change the environment to complement the time of day or level of activity.

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