Telo PoC Broadband Devices

Empower your team with seamless push to talk over cellular communications.

Telox’s innovative broadband push-to-talk radios and body camera solutions have been supplied to more than 50 countries globally, delivering great satisfaction to customers. They serve a variety of sectors including security, construction, transportation and more. Telox understands that communication is critical for maintaining a safe world and see the massive potential for its development in parallel with broadband technology. Telox’s aim is to take advantage of this technology and integrate it with traditional radio form factors, thus providing innovative and valuable solutions.

Telox Solutions

Broadband POC Devices

Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) provides nationwide communications at a fraction of the cost of traditional radio systems. PoC is therefore particularly useful for businesses needing to communicate across wide areas or with mobile work forces, such as transportation, construction, and field service.

Telox Featured Devices


Telo TE580 is a digital PTT-over-cellular (PoC) two-way radio enables single handed operation making communications easy between users. TE580 has all the capabilities of a smart mobile device whilst still having the functionality of a two-way radio.


M6 is highly versatile in some areas, such as transportation, school bus, logistics, fire truck and police car, etc., where users can quickly collaborate and share information across organizations.
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