TeamConnect® Solves Pain Points for School Bus Administrators

School bus fleet management is challenged by maintaining timely and reliable communications between drivers, dispatchers, school officials, and parents. When communications break down, everyday occurrences can quickly escalate because of poor communications.  Fortunately, Goosetown Communications offers TeamConnect, an integrated system of push-to-talk, GPS tracking, and paperless administrative solutions that effectively connects school buses and improves communications.

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (POC) On Nationwide 4G LTE Network

TeamConnect reliably connects school buses by leveraging innovative wireless solutions including real-time access to your buses with hands-free Push-To-Talk devices, smartphones and tablets, GPS, safety reports, maps, fleet analytics, and driver coaching tools. David Gottlieb, partner at TeamConnect, explains, “The connected school bus combines safety, security, and network access for a fast response, so you know what your buses are doing, where they are, and that all your students are safe.”

When you consider all the safety features behind supporting the transportation of students to and from school, the value of a TeamConnect school bus becomes clear. With over 30-years in public safety communications, the owners of TeamConnect have a deep understanding of wireless technology and are uniquely positioned to provide this Push-To-Talk Over Cellular solution. “It’s what we do and how we do it that separates us,” says Gottlieb.

Additionally, TeamConnect has partnered with Azuga, a telematics vendor, to deliver a customizable fleet tracking platform to track and monitor school bus location and performance.

TeamConnect® Beyond Voice Communications

The first-place school bus fleet managers find success with TeamConnect is with its reliable one-button Push-To-Talk voice communication. This PTT solution is compliant with distracted driver regulations and avoids the hassles and related costs of a traditional two-way radio solutions. Additionally, TeamConnect extends the opportunity for voice communications by turning smart devices or tablets into two-way radios by leveraging the cellular or WIFI network.

  • Messaging Alerts: Group or individual messaging. Messages can include date, time, and location stamps.
  • Managing Workflow: TeamConnect’s GPS functionality allows fleet managers to review routes to improve efficiency, productivity, and quickly respond to changing conditions.
  • Ensuring Compliance and Accountability: TeamConnect’s hands-free operation complies with distracted driver regulations and analytics allow fleet managers to monitor driver safety.
  • Improving Vehicle Performance: TeamConnect with Azuga can help users manage performance and maintenance by monitoring vehicle analytics.

“Our goal at TeamConnect is to combine our experience and expertise with a reliable PTT solution to the drivers of your school buses,” Gottlieb says.

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